Why you should compete


Common worries:
Worry – I don’t lift enough to compete
Truth – Nonsense! If you can lift the bar then you can compete. Of course there may be people lifting more than you, but there may also be people lifting less than you. At the end of the day it takes courage to get on the platform and compete! Respect is always given to lifters regardless of their abilities

Worry – It’s my first competition and I don’t want to look stupid
Truth – Everyone starts somewhere. And that means at some point everyone had to partake in their first competition… even champions!

Worry – I just train because I enjoy it, why do I want to compete?
Truth – You don’t have to compete… But in my opinion, competitions truly allow us to progress. They give us goals and numbers to strive for. They give us focus and ambition to keep training hard. Competitions aren’t always about winning medals or placing top 3, especially your first few competitions! Instead it’s about beating yourself and achieving numbers you thought you weren’t capable of hitting!

Worry – I’m too shy or nervous to compete
Truth – So is every competitor. But the only way to get over that or at least make it more bearable is to compete. The adrenaline and nerves you feel can be used to your advantage. Feats well outside of your norm can be obtained when the fight or flight response kicks.

Everyone can benefit from competition and the benefits it brings. The positives, like gaining confidence, hitting good weights, learning from mistakes and pushing yourself far outweigh the negatives like feeling nervous or not strong enough!

Give it a go

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