Personal Training Testimonials

10yrs ago I had a serious break to my ankle. I had previously been very fit, but since then had done very personal training. In September 2009 I set a goal with my sons of getting fit and loosing 1 ½ stones within 6 weeks in order to enter a 12km cross country with 12 obstacles. Aaron was appointed as my personal training instructor at David Lloyd’s. Aaron came across as a very approachable young man who appeared very knowledgeable and gave me the confidence I needed after being absent from exercise for such a long time. Aaron provided me with a detailed step by step program that gradually increased my stamina, agility and strength that enabled me to complete the event. His nutritional advice enabled me to lose 1 stone 4lbs in 6 weeks. I was so pleased that after the event I continued personal training sessions with Aaron, realising that even though I was 52yrs I wasn’t on the scrap heap yet! Aaron continued to advise and change my program to continually meet my needs and motivate me to carry on. I now have the understanding and basic fitness that has further improved my confidence to enter another similar event in a years time. I shall always be grateful for Aaron’s advice and constant encouragement and this will enable me to keep a good level fitness into my old age. I would wholeheartedly recommend other friends and colleagues to train with Aaron.

Fitness Centre- David Lloyds

Client- Nigel Dermott (52yrs)

I am a keen cyclist and walker in my late 40’s who has been a regular gym user for some years focusing mainly on tone, posture and building strength in upper body and arms. I have regularly changed my routines and tried to develop the correct technique but techniques lapse with time. After discussing with Aaron a need to develop posture, upper body and tone I embarked on a series of personal trainer sessions with him. He put together a programme which progressively changed each time and continued developing skills throughout.

I have noticed a definite change in the way I tackle exercise and have found Aaron’s input on technique to be invaluable in making each exercise work the right muscles. He goes about his training in a personable way with light hearted humour and always makes sure you challenge yourself and want to come back for more.

Thanks Aaron

Chris C.

When I started exercising 18 months ago, Aaron took me through the gym induction and PT taster. I was really keen to lose weight and tone up but kept putting off starting PT as I was overwhelmed by the whole gym experience. I needn’t have worried! Aaron has inspired, informed, instructed and cajoled me into losing 2 stone and starting an exercise regime that is enjoyable, regularly updated, easily followed and produces results. Thanks a million.

Gaynor Tiltman

After many years of having back related problems and after using various other treatments that did not work, I decided to Join David Lloyd and focus on using a Personal trainer to try and rectify my back issues. “Aaron” has helped me to achieve tremendous progress towards getting my back strengthened through hard work and effort but in fun and focused sessions. All this in only a few weeks!!!!

Anyone that has suffered years of back problems then I would very much recommend David Lloyd and especially “Aaron”.

David Lloyd Member

Kevin Egglesden

Aaron is very professional, reliable and very committed to helping people achieve their goals. His sessions are always varied, with new pieces of equipment and new exercises so it is never dull

With all the exercises they really had me focus on the form and doing the exercise right to maximize results.

Aaron tailors his workout to focus on my specific areas for improvement and quickly learned what motivates me. He’s friendly and experienced in what he does. I have been extremely pleased with the results and would recommend him to anyone who is serious about improving their physical fitness.

Fiona Leadsham

I am delighted to provide a testimonial for Aaron Bolton. I had worked with a personal trainer several years ago who helped me a great deal, but the last eight years or so I had been working out on my own. Although I was still getting to the gym on average three times a week, I was not varying the exercises and had got stuck in a routine where although I was maintaining muscle build and fitness levels, I was by no means progressing. Aaron approached me in the gym one day and suggested I could try a course of personal training sessions with him and see how I got on. I have to say that I have been amazed with the results. Aaron completely re-organised my exercise regime and put me on a programme where I am continually making progress every week. I was very surprised indeed at how rapidly I progressed and I am lifting weights today that I never thought I would ever be capable of lifting. I could never have achieved what I have done without Aaron and so it gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial about him.

Gordon Beshaw