The Bottoms Up Kettlebell Clean and Press

The bottom up kettlebell clean and press is essentially a standard clean and press except the bell of the kettlebell is upside down.

This may sound a bit extreme and pointless at first but this exercise has numerous benefits:

• Develops crushing grip strength – essential to all lifts

• Helps train the muscles involved and body positions of the bench press

• Builds shoulder stability – important for rotator cuff health

• Works each side unilaterally ensuring muscular balance throughout the kinetic chain

The Setup

Place the kettlebell in front of you with the handle lengthways towards you. Lean over the kettlebell and push your weight down through your palm into the handle gripping it as hard as possible.

(Side View)

(Front View)

The Clean

Shift your weight back towards your heels, hinge at your hips and stretch your hamstrings letting the kettlebell swing behind your legs. Immediately from this power position snap your glutes and drive your hips forward allowing the kettlebell to swing forward in front of you. As the kettlebell comes towards the end of its swing, pull it explosively keeping your elbow tight in your ribs.

(Side View)

(Front View)

(Side View – pull keeping the elbow tight)

The Catch

Catch the kettlebell making sure you keep your whole body tense. Squeeze your glutes and remain still. Your triceps should be pressed against your side with your lat flared to provide you with some stability. In this position, the wrist should be exactly above the elbow. Keep crushing the handle and force the kettlebell to become motionless.

(Side View)

(Front View)

The Press

From the catch position, press the kettlebell directly upwards keeping the forearm vertical. Make sure to keep your lat tense. This prevents your elbow swinging out and gives you that precious platform which is also vital to a big bench press.

In summary, the bottoms up kettlebell clean and press is a great exercise worth including in a strength and conditioning program to add some variety. It improves grip strength, shoulder stability, core strength and helps assist the bench press. Try structuring in 3sets of 5repetitions as an assistance exercise after you have completed the core lifts of your routine.

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