Strength Improvement vs. Technical Proficiency


People often assume that lifting more weight is a sign of improved strength, and although this may be the case, there are other reasons to consider.
Here we have Charlotte squatting a max of 110kg before hitting a massive 130kg just 12 weeks apart!
Is this simply a case of improved strength?
Let’s consider 3 other factors:

1. Technical Proficiency
A lot of improvement in weight lifted can be purely down to technical proficiency, especially when gains are made in such a short period of time. Considering it generally takes a period of several months to increase strength, improved lifting mechanics via appropriate frequency, loading, speed and control can impact rate of improvement in a given lift.

2. Environment
Competition can be great for a lifter! The nerves and adrenaline can be enough to help a lifter achieve lifetime PB’s that otherwise wouldn’t be possible in just a training environment. Coupled with the cheers of an audience and the shouting from fellow lifters, and you’ve got yourself some extra kg on the bar!

3. Equipment
Knee sleeves can go a long way to helping with extra weight on the bar. This is why some Powerlifting federations allow them and some do not! Never underestimate the added benefit of good equipment like a strong supportive belt, knee sleeves and lifting shoes.

If you’re looking to get stronger but don’t know where to start, then drop me a message and we can help you in the right direction!

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