Food Court Frenzy

It is the 16th November 2013 and we (Aaron Bolton and Aaron Donaldson) are sitting in a hotel food court in Florida. We have just had breakfast and so our rant commences:

Food availability

– Fruit Loops
– Raisin Bran
– Muffins
– Bagels

– Bread
– Sausages (I think)
– Scones in sausage gravy
– Yoghurts…seems healthy but if we listed the ingredients you will know why we placed them in the ‘Bad’ choices.
Take a look: non fat milk, water, food starch, fructose, fruit puree, corn starch, kosher gelantin, artificial flavours, sucralose, red 40, blue 1, malic acid, potassium sorbate, acesulfame potassium, sodium citrate…but then again it is only 50 calories so it must be healthy?
– Peanut butter. Even this would normally be considered ok but the ingredients of this particular brand: roasted peanuts, sugar, molasses, fully hydrogenated vegetable oils (rapeseed and soy bean), mono-and diglycerides, salt

– Oats
– Scrambled egg
– Fruit

We understand there isn’t much choice in terms of the better choices, but after sitting here for 30 minutes and seeing more than 10 children with multiple muffins, processed cereals and white bread with nutrition less spreads, it is not hard to see why the majority of the population is in an obesity epidemic.

“But I am on holiday… you need to enjoy yourself and live a little. If I want a muffin I will have a muffin”

Yes, you are on holiday and yes you can treat yourself.

But no, treating yourself doesn’t mean eating 4 muffins, a bowl of fruit loops and jam toast in one sitting. That was just one of the children’s breakfast choices (Is that the child’s fault or the parents…but that’s a whole other subject). And if you think we are exaggerating, next time you are on holiday, take a look for yourself. Or perhaps you are that person?

Now we know most people couldn’t care less about what is in your food but we bet most of you care about your health and appearance enough to take into account what you are consuming. A little education and discipline goes a long way in terms of a better life.

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