BDFPA (British Drug Free Powerlifting Association) Divisionals

My first competition competing for the BDFPA and overall not a bad attempt. There is a few adjustments that need making ready for the next competition:

  • Put on 3.5kg to make sure I get the most from lifting in the 82.5kg weight category. The extra few kilos allows you to lift that little more as discovered from my previous PB’s at a heavier weight.
  • Include more box squats in my routine to drill in the correct depth. Squatting as low as I am means I am losing tension and reducing the amount of weight I can squat
  • Include close grip bench press, board presses and overhead presses to strengthen my triceps and shoulders. This should allow me complete the lockout and drive through the sticking phases
  • Switch to Sumo deadlift. As a quad dominant lifter and someone who lifts with a less aggressive style, the sumo deadlift may be the better option with a better practice.


1) 180kg

2) 185kg

3) 190kg

Bench Press

1) 130kg

2) 140kg

3) 146kg (current Junior British record 82.5kg category stands at 145kg)


1) 180kg

2) 190kg

3) 195kg


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