We are trainers… not miracle workers!

“We’re Personal Trainers… not miracle workers”

Leading on from last week’s video on why motivation isn’t as important as discipline and habit, I felt it fit to talk about accountability.

So what do I mean?

We all know that achieving results takes time and patience. For example, if a desired result is fitness related, then someone may opt to hire a coach or trainer for guidance to help them reach it.
Now a good coach will give you everything you need like coaching, programmes, diet advice and lifestyle guidelines. But all of this is only so good up to a point… YOU must be the one to do the hard work. We can’t be with you holding your hand every time life throws a difficult choice at you like attending the gym on required days, or to eat better, or to go to bed at a reasonable time to ensure you get enough sleep.
Be accountable and take pride in looking after yourself. Only then will you truly reap the rewards of your hard work

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