Stop Whining


Stop Whining “Wow…. you can’t say that! You might offend someone”

I’m sorry, but sometimes things just need to be said! We live in an age where we are constantly walking on eggshells in fear of saying something that might upset somebody!
But let’s just consider something, perhaps things aren’t so bad if people could just stop whining. (The irony is that I’m whining in this post)

Rant 1 –
Training is hard! It can be really really hard at times. It would be easier not to do it. But what did you start training for in the first place? Improved looks, to have better performance, or be more conditioned? Well how do you think you get those results… take one wild stab in the dark?? By training!
To get better you must suffer sometimes. But if it’s simply just too hard and you couldn’t possibly exert yourself in the slightest possible way, then don’t train! Moaning all the time is toxic and you’re allowing those thoughts to now control your actions of having an easy session… or not even training in the first place. “Woah you can’t say that. Not everyone wants to train hard…” – which leads me on to my next point.

Rant 2 –
Of course not everyone wants to train hard. But “hard” is all relative. If you’re comparing yourself to your weightlifting hero or Crossfit warrior then maybe they are training harder than you. But consider one very important point… you are not them!
Stop worrying about what others are doing and train as “hard” as you can! If that means running for 1minute or simply holding a plank for 20seconds before becoming absolutely destroyed then you keep doing just that! And hats off to you because at least you’re trying to make a change.
All I’m saying is that whatever you choose to do, just give it your all! Or what’s the point?
Train hard folks! Stop whining and go get it!

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