Exercise Database – Barbell

I have made this exercise database to give a quick demonstration on multiple exercises covering barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, medicine ball and bodyweight exercises. As you can imagine, the list will become pretty extensive so if you don’t see an exercise, be sure to check back regularly as I will be constantly updating the list!

Barbell Exercises


  • High bar squat

  • Low bar squat

  • Front squat

  • Overhead squat

  • Box Squat


  • Standing press

  • Standing behind neck press

  • Behind neck press

    • Push press


  • Deadlift

  • RDL (Romanian deadlift)

  • STDL (Stiff legged deadlift)

  • Deficit deadlift


  • Drop snatch/Snatch balance

  • Low hang power snatch

  • Low hang squat snatch

  • Snatch pull

  • High snatch pull


  • Squat clean

  • Power clean

  • High hang squat clean

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